Security Units

Secure venue facility solutions for added peace of mind in the modern world.

Enhance stadium safety and venue security with secure, tailor-made units from StoreFront’s extensive product range.

StoreFront offers a comprehensive range of portable buildings in many sizes and configurations. Their flexibility and robustness make them ideal for sports venues looking to increase the safety and security of staff, fans and guests. Our versatile units can be utilised as secure bag-drop units, control rooms, security huts and temporary police stations, each customised to our clients’ exact specifications. Available in a variety of lay-outs and designs, these highly portable and flexible units offer an enhanced safety option to give visitors additional peace of mind. A secure and practical way to boost venue safety, protect spectators and enhance their experience.

StoreFront: where a security box takes on a whole new meaning.

Key Features:
  • Robust, versatile and high quality portable buildings

  • Many sizes and configurations available

  • Customised lay-out and fit-out options

  • Superb attention to detail

  • Great for branding and graphic application

  • Portable and very easy to relocate


An initial consultation creates the first chapter of your journey with StoreFront, and, from thereon in, the detail, design, branding and build will be determined. We work in a collaborative way, keeping you fully informed during every stage of the process. Our creative solutions will excite you, our working style will impress you, and our quotations will leave you pleasantly surprised. You’ll be amazed at how easy and cost-effective transforming your venue with a StoreFront unit can be.


Innovative. Versatile. Striking. Functional. Secure. These are the five keywords our technical design team keep in mind when planning a new concept. Our units can be constructed in endless combinations, and with careful planning and collaboration, a final blueprint will be created to your exact specifications. With StoreFront, anything is possible.


We offer all clients the opportunity to take advantage of one of our flexible rental options. Hiring a StoreFront unit is a highly versatile and cost-effective solution, tailor-made to suit your needs; from long, mid or short term to one-off promotional events. A fully flexible portable retail service designed with you in mind.


We like to be different, and we do this by ensuring that every client we work with is given a bespoke branding strategy and a fresh approach, applying our experience and expertise to produce stunning results. Our units are not only designed to maximise your brand’s visibility; the impact they will have on your visitors will leave a powerful and memorable impression.


Our delivery service is nothing short of professional, fast and efficient. Once our manufacturing team has finished building your unit, our logistics department will take care of every detail regarding its dispatch. Our talented transport team will have your new unit delivered, installed and up and running in no time!

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